About Journal

As a law review published in English language by the Research Center for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy, the peer-reviewed Journal of Islamic Studies on Human Rights and Democracy focuses on legal issues related to Islam, human rights, peace and democracy, the Journal seeks to publish academic-research articles according to the license granted by the Islamic Guidance and Culture Ministry of Iran, also under the “Regulations on Determination of Validity of Scientific Journals”. The Journal, acting under the auspices of the Centre, as a newly established research/publishing body, with the advantages of an international editorial board, is a highly selective academic journal that covers a wide variety of relevant topics. The Journal has been devoted to developing and advancing legal thought and to combining legal analysis with political, economic, historical, religious and sociological perspectives. As well, the Center serves as a forum in which scholars from various disciplines can discuss the law as it relates specifically to Islam, Human Rights, Peace, Democracy and the unique issues raised therein. The approach taken by the Center is as follows:

- To share information relevant to practical, developmental and fundamental research in the field of human rights, citizens’ rights, peace, democracy, bio-ethics and other relevant issues from the perspective of Islamic teachings and other legal and religious traditions in a comparative manner;

-  To develop human rights notions and values in the light of Islamic thought;

-  To reflect views of researchers with an educational/research background in Islamic law and tradition on various aspects of human rights, peace and democracy. 

- To localize the Islamic-based human rights notions and to provide national/regional solutions to develop these notions.

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Editor in chief

Prof. Dr. Hossein Mir Mohammad Sadeghi