The Islamic Concept of Political Crime and the Jury in Iran by Hossein Mehrpour



Prior to the Bill Defining ‘Political Crimes’, passed on January 24, 2016 by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iran’s Parliament), the term "political offenses" was never defined in Iran legal sphere, as a jurisdiction based on Islamic legal tradition. Although there was no definite and exact definition for political crime; obviously the word means any acts against the law done by the individuals in opposition to the government; with the aim of reform or overthrow of the governing power. The title “political crime” is reflected within the Iran Constitution and some ordinary laws with imposing effects, though no definition is provided for. This article has provided a background of political crime in Islamic legal thought, since it is a necessary step in the process of understanding this phenomenon with regard to Islamic jurisprudence. The following sections are descriptions and analysis of the most relevant features of political crime concept in Iran legal system.