Security Risks of forming Salafi Government of the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


1 Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch

2 Graduate of theology, Semnan University



Salafi currents (Salafists) believe in the formation of a society and government such as “Al-salaf al-salih” society and government and they reject the alterations in governance and social relations in the last 1400 years or so. Also, they presume that, one of Muslims’ duties is to return to those rules and regulations. Although the majority of these movements believe these cases in the field of humanities, they not only allow the use of modern advanced and development tools but even invest in their development for their purposes. While “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” is one of this opinion’s children and they determine a local definition to return to “Al-salaf al-Salih” , but the same creator and proximity to Salafi- terrorist groups , including “Al-Qaeda”, “Haqqani network” and etc. make it possible to create a safe global base for Salafi terrorist groups; The importance of this issue increases when it can predict the potential for serious threats to global security due to the advancement of technology and the proximity of this government to China as one of the two sides of this field, the existence of financial capital, furthermore, industrial universities and relatively well-equipped laboratories in this land (due to 20 years of NATO and other countries); The danger which in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the spread of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and, even cyborgs, etc., will be much wider than before. This essay through the descriptive-analytics method intends to warn of these risks, threats and suggests and examines the needs to create a global coalition to deal with them.